Our Story

Angie + Shawn

Husband & Wife Team behind Crafted by Cambridge

Love is at the heart of our brand. We believe marriage is a beautiful gift and we are so excited for you to begin yours with the wedding day of your dreams. We are committed to bringing you unforgettable details that express your love story and provide that icing on the cake for your big day. You aren’t just getting a generic sign or display, you get a personal experience from two people who have been in your shoes and bring a unique perspective and synergy. 

Our love story began at work back in 2014 and we continue to work together every day to bring your ideas to life. When we are not working you can find us on a golf course, out on the lake, or somewhere on a nice patio.



Since our own wedding we’ve worked with some amazing couples looking to transform their vision into an experience their guests will never forget. We understand how important your wedding day is to you, and want every detail to be perfect. We focus on bringing personalized elements into your special day and letting your unique story shine through the details. Your wedding is not only a beautiful event but also a reflection of you! 

Our obsession with the details started when we were going through the wedding process ourselves. 

Once upon a time...

We wanted to add personal touches throughout our wedding day and make sure it truly felt like a representation of us as a couple. We loved designing our wedding details- so much so that we knew we wanted to help do the same for others.

Crafted by Cambridge was founded with a goal to spread joy and inspire couples' creativity in making their special day truly unique.

Meet your Team

Shawn Cambridge

Co-Owner / Craftsman

Shawn is the hands-on builder behind the scenes, seamlessly translating Angie's designs into reality. From his childhood spent constructing with Legos to crafting adult-sized displays, building has always been his passion.

Despite his daytime role in the investment industry, Shawn finds balance through creative pursuits, viewing this venture as a fulfilling escape from corporate life. He embraces challenges and seeks to learn new skills, finding joy in witnessing the happiness on couples' faces as they marvel at the finished displays on their wedding day. With Shawn, no idea is too big; he's always eager to tackle new projects with enthusiasm and dedication. Shawn is not just a builder; he's an artist who infuses every display with creativity, ensuring each piece becomes a cherished part of your wedding memories.

Angie Cambridge

Owner / Designer

Angie is the designer and liaison to help you bring your design dreams to life. She loves getting to know you as a couple from your first date stories to your biggest dreams for the future. 

She understands that wedding planning can seem overwhelming, and wants to keep the focus on your unique story by infusing personal elements throughout your design suite. From adding your pets to your drink stirrers or creating a custom crossword puzzle for your guests to enjoy she ensures that no detail is missed. With a background in corporate accounting, you can trust that all pieces from large statement displays to the smallest intricate details are meticulously crafted to perfection. Her goal is to create one-of-a-kind designs that you and your guests will remember while making your wedding journey as seamless and stress-free as possible. 



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Personal touches, being a little extra, spending time with loved ones, supporting local businesses, giving personalized gifts, high quality products, staying organized and making lists.

Cookie cutter anything, generic designs, “winging it” 


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Personal touches, being a little extra, spending time with loved ones,  giving personalized gifts, staying organized and making lists.

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